News & Resources

In researching our prospective near-future world and creating my own version of it in Lifespinners, I have accumulated a library of more than 2,500 English-language articles published in scientific magazines and quality newspapers, on future-oriented web platforms and in other formats aimed at the interested lay reader, as well as experts and specialists.

This site highlights the Lifespinners plot themes of Longevity, Enhancement and Radical life extension, plus Animal talents and Space travel. My library also has sections devoted to other topics within the broader theme of Human Change. These include: Fertility & Reproduction; Prevention & Treatment; Consciousness & Inner Space; Intelligence & Creativity; Thinking & Learning; Curiosity & Emotion; and Memory, Sleep & Dreams. As the website evolves, I may include more general overview pieces, according to the interests of site users and readers. The existing overviews will also be regularly updated.

Looking ahead, I hope to team up with others and extend our site publicity to include near-future books (fiction and non-fiction) and special events such as conferences, shows, festivals, film premieres and exhibitions. Guest podcasts and blogs may follow, with invited contributions from researchers, near-future writers, professional practitioners, social innovators and lay commentators.

Other exciting possibilities include real-world Lifespinners events, interactive site features and opportunities to set up new projects or create special interest forums. Do get in touch if you are keen to be involved in our future promotion and collaboration.