Author – Lynn Watson

Image of a suspension bridge stretching over a wide canyon and into the distant green hills.

Lifespinners is my second novel, the first being a London-based story about brain-enhancing chocolates called Secrets of Blue and Gold (Matador 2018). The chocolates also feature in Lifespinners, but this time playing a relatively small part.

During my career in social research, I worked with national and local charities, public authorities and specialist organisations focused on health, housing and social care. The plot for Lifespinners was inspired by a roundtable discussion in 2018, where we tried to agree on an estimated number of older people in the UK who would be living with dementia in 2050. After saying that dementia may be curable or preventable by then (and losing the argument), I turned my mind to a fascinating question: What will happen when we can prevent or cure all the diseases and health conditions of older age and have the scientific know-how to reverse and eliminate ageing itself?

A photo of the author, Lynn Watson, sitting on a park bench in the sunshine
This is the front cover of the book, with the title Lifespinners, author name Lynn Watson and a strap-line saying: The year is 2048. Life extension can take many forms. Who will control it?