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There are already many important national and international initiatives aimed at encouraging public engagement in science and enabling a lively exchange of views and ideas. I would like to see the concept of Human Change become a new focal point for wide-ranging discussion and debate among key players and potentially influential groups, including: bioscientists, medics and technology developers; philosophers and neuroscientists; novelists, poets and non-fiction writers; artists, architects and designers; entrepreneurs and social innovators; children and (great-)grandparents; lateral thinkers, utopians, centenarians and anyone else who is fascinated by all things near-future.

To this end, I hope the Lifespinners story and the information on this site will provide food for thought, prompt good questions and generate fresh ideas about how we anticipate and keep hold of our individual and collective futures in a wildly spinning world.

So here it is, Lifespinners. All positive suggestions welcome – over to you!

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