This image shows the one-word title for both the website and the novel - Lifespinners

Welcome to the Lifespinners website, a spin-off from Lifespinners, my near-future novel. The story is set in 2048 within the well-protected and apparently serene community of Wellowfern, which offers life enrichment and the latest therapies to promote longevity and rejuvenation. The older residents have all escaped from their past, in one way or another. They don’t want any nasty reminders or complications, but they are faced with powerful forces battling over their future. See ‘Novel’ for more on the story and information on where to buy the book.

In carrying out research and developing my ideas for the plot, I have drawn on many excellent sources and I want to thank all the academic experts and science journalists who write so engagingly about their specialist areas. For readers who are keen to explore the scientific topics further, I have written five general overview pieces on the main Lifespinners themes and other aspects of the story – see ‘Themes‘.

Lynn Watson                    

Contact: lynn48@lifespinners.com

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