Lifespinners – The novel

Lifespinners was self-published with Matador in 2023.  Here is the blurb:

In 2048, medical science has overcome all the diseases and limiting conditions of old age. In the exclusive community of Wellowfern, radical life extension has turned from distant dream to near reality and competing forces are lining up to impose their widely different visions of the future. Isabel is an influential, loyal resident who knows about corporate intrigue and the power of self-interest. She now has to figure out who is pulling the strings, which side she is on and how best to defend her safe haven and her eccentric, misfit friends, as the high-level infighting threatens to overwhelm them.

I chose to set the story in 2048 as it is twenty-five years from publication. This leap in time allows for imaginative conjecture around progress in bioscience, tech and medicine, as well as major shifts in lifestyles, social organisation and global powerplay. It is also close enough to the present for the characters in the story to hold broadly familiar attitudes and expectations.

As time passes, some things will happen more quickly or slowly (or more or less drastically) than in the book, or may take a different turn altogether. I hope that Lifespinners will still work as a story in 2048 and that I’ll still be around (age 95) to find out what has come true, what has gone sideways and where I have completely missed the mark.

You can purchase Lifespinners from major online book retailers – Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play etc. It can also be ordered directly from Troubador Publishing or through any UK bookshop. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to send me your comments on the novel, or your thoughts and ideas on how we imagine, create and define the near future.